Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mother of the Year

Completely lost that award.

Yup. Gone.

(like I was in the running :eye roll: )

I go to pick Owen up from school on Friday. A teacher was holding his hand, she informed me that Mrs. Teacher (his teacher...not her real name, duh.) wanted to speak to me. She was handling the kids in the gym, so we had to walk down the hallway to go see her. He was terrified (which he should've been, I was fuming)

She informed me that he was hitting a boy in gym class (playing, he's not malicious at all) and got sent back to his room. She proceeded to tell Owen how he was too smart to be acting out in class the way he has been.

This is how his week went:
(punishment chart- move your name each time you're in trouble, first it's a warning, then 5 min time out, 10 min time out, 15 min time out and letter home, 20 min time out and trip to the principle's office)

Monday: Good day! No name moving
Tuesday: Moved name 3 times- talking out, not listening, and not doing work
Wednesday: Moved name 3 times- talking out in hallway, not doing work, and misbehaved in swim class (misbehaving in swim class results in standing on the wall at recess for the rest of the week)
Thursday: Moved name 1 time- talking out
Friday: Got sent back to class from gym class

Mrs.Teacher and I decided to do daily behavior charts instead of weekly, hoping to curb this behavior.

She also told Owen if he moved his name this week he wasn't going to participate in the school's Halloween parade.

That boy was petrified of me. In good reason too. I was beyond embarrassed! I was practically in tears when we left.

We got back to the house (MIL was there to watch them, so I could go to work) and he got sent straight to his room. He got spanked (*gasp* yes I spank), he's to not get out of bed until 4:30. No calling for grandma, nothing. He gets up, and NO toys, NO t.v., he's aloud to color- and that's it. (I think MIL was a bit scared of me at this point)

And through all this punishment, the only response (other than crying, of course) was to know if he could go trick-or-treating.


Yes, I said it. I took away his trick-or-treating. He knew he messed up big.

If he has a good week, then we can go trick-or-treating in my hometown on Friday night.

So far, he had a good day yesterday.

We honestly don't think he's ADHD, trust me, I've seen that.

I just pray that Carl and I work hard together on him to straighten up. He's 6, I wish he could be a kid a bit longer. He's such a loving, energetic, caring boy. I don't want to crush his spirit. But it's not looking that way. He just loves to play, but he needs to learn to listen and respect. I'd hate to see him held back, and that would be awful. He'd be worse if that happened. He's at the top of his class academically, but not in the maturity area.

Oy. This will be me, soon, I'm sure.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Houston, We Have a Big Boy Bed!

Well we've had the big boy bed set up for 2 months, but we're starting the switch!

My lovely hubby didn't take down the crib because he wanted to do an easy transition. *snort* NOTHING'S easy with this little gremlin!

Carl decided to put him in his big boy last night without checking to see if the mattress pad was on, if the sheets were washed (they were brand new), or to cut his juice habit off at an earlier time. None of the above were done. *eyeroll*

He was trying, I can't complain too much with him trying!

Fast forward to this morning. I took the older gremlin to school, and the 2 yr old gremlin and I went to the laundrymat to wash all of the comforters.

*taking a 2yr old to a laundrymat- not a smart idea, but surprising he was very good!

Then we came home, made up all the beds, and then I took down the crib.

After lunch came nap time. *gasp* Duh-du-dunnnnnn.
(overlook the holy blind and green shag carpet, that's to be updated later!)

Nap time went fine. He layed in bed for about 30minutes just looking around, then finally fell asleep!

We'll see how tonight goes!

Friday, October 17, 2008

MHR #10

We've made it to #10 post about how My Husband Rocks!

He cleans the cars.

Helps with the laundry when it needs to be done.

Does dishes, when they need to be done.

Helps Owen with his homework when I'm at work.

Helps keep Cole from climbing the ceiling.

He still tries to keep me sane. As hard as our marriage can be, he still tries.

That's all I could really ever ask for.


Just a friendly reminder to go on over to visit Lex for her giveaway!! She's also doing auctions of her awesome jewelry for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wave of Light


I cannot even begin to fathom the pain of the loss of a child.

Every family that has been through this tragedy will be in my prayers.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh, How I Love My Secrets in the Sauce....

The wonderful ladies are at it again! Now we're having a Blogathon!! WOO-HOO! I honestly can say that I've 'met' some awesome women over there, and the bloggy love is amazing!! One of my best friends, Stacy, brought this wonderful site to my attention. (Thanks, Stacy, like I needed another addiction. Oh, and Carl thanks you oh-so-much!)

The site is dedicated to sharing blog love, and getting new (and old) blogs some attention! Now who doesn't LOVE some attention? (now this attention-loving-whore is all for it!!)

My first ever blog added to my blog roll was Jaci (pronounce Jack-e, get it right or she'll throw down!) over at Ravings of a Mad Housewife. I thought the name of her blog was interesting, and the rest was history!

Now Jaci ended up getting a blog-makeover from Lex at The Life and Crimes of a Mom. Lex's site is Indelible Creations where she does blog layouts and gorgeous jewelry.

I found the next hysterical woman at SITS. Melissa over at Stretch Marks is as real as they get. She has an awesome outlook on life, and a sarcastic sense of humor to go with it! (my kind of woman!)

Mama Kat always has something going on over in her neck of the woods! Mama's Losin' It shows us how to cook with the kids, write some crazy stuff, and she's got a great sense of humor! I'm sure she's getting all kinds of acknowledgement with this blogathon!

Now, last but not least, is Amanda. She has a split personality. No, really, she does! She's a nice mommy over at My Kids Might Be Martians, and a REAL mommy over at Mama's Other Side. She's a freaking riot! (just a heads up- she does have a potty-mouth on Mama's Other Side!)

Those are some amazing women that I love to read that I've found on SITS. I can't wait to see who I get to meet through this blogathon!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

He rocks #9

It's that time again!! I'm going shake things up a bit today! I was visiting one of my favorite blogs the other day when she did this fun way to describe the one you love. Maternal Mirth did this for her daughter. I figured I'd do this for the hubby!

Here goes!

This is what he's been learning. He's currently 1-0.
mma Pictures, Images and Photos

This is how he'd like to think our family is...
leave it to beaver Pictures, Images and Photos

But this is how our family REALLY is...
Family Guy Pictures, Images and Photos

He refers to my youngest as Stewie...
stewie+louis Pictures, Images and Photos

He refers to my oldest as Squirrel Nuts (only in our home..and please don't ask me why, I still haven't received a complete answer!)...
squirell with nuts Pictures, Images and Photos

Even with the obscene names he calls the boys, he's still...
best dad Pictures, Images and Photos

He makes an honest effort to love me.
cute lil stick boy & girl Pictures, Images and Photos

We've had our ups and downs...
ups and downs Pictures, Images and Photos

But at the end of the day...
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun Giveaway!!

You may wonder who did this wonderful blog layout for me? Well the miracle worker's name is Lex! She did such a amazing job, and was so much fun to work with! She's doing an awesome giveaway- a custom blog redesign!

Since she's already worked her magic on my blog, I plan on Paying It Forward to a friend if I win! (oh, I'm so not telling who I have in mind!!)

Pay Lex a visit and tell her I said Hi!
Oh, and you need to visit Candid Carrie. She's helping Lex out by shamelessly advertising! (love you ladies!!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

He Rocks #8

It's another friday!!

Here's why I think my husband rocks.

The other night (2am-ish) the stupid smoke alarm kept chirping. Not a very pleasant sound. I realized that the batteries must have gone out.

So I'm awake. I asked Carl to get up and take the battery out so it wouldn't wake the boys (and so I could sleep!).

At first he said no, and rolled back over. Nice.

Just a reminder, I'm 5'3" (on a good day). There's no way I could find a step stool tall enough for my short behind to get up there! And I wasn't dragging a kitchen chair all the way up to the second floor!!

Then my loving husband out of the kindness of his heart (and the sharpness of my elbow) decided to take the battery out. It's nice to know that I could wake him to do something for me in the middle of the night, and to have him still love me!

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