Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's been waaay toooo long!!

Yes, it has.

Sorry I've been gone, but that whole 'life' thing kinda got in the way.

Well, how about a update on everyone...just to make sure that I haven't lost or misplaced any of them!

Carl: (hubby) Is good. Job is going alright, if working more hours for less pay is alright. (yes, that's sarcasim.) His boss is super nice, but the whole situation just sucks.
He has his next MMA fight this friday. *eeek* I know, the nerves are kicking in. Anyone have an extra xanax they would care to spare?

Owen: He finishes school on June 4th. (oh, lordy...I pray for patience) He started baseball, and is quite the ham! He is the smallest one on the team (once again), but he's quite the powerhouse! I asked him to stop growing...yeah, he told me he can't. (kid's too smart sometimes!)

Cole: Is a hysterical little crazy man. No, really. He's funny as hell, but insanely crazy. He loves hitting on the ladies (who can't say no to that cute little mug?!), jumping off of things pretending he's 'spidey man'. Oh, yeah...we're going to be venturing into potty training land here soon. Oh, joy.

Me: Yeah, I'm here. Barely. Work is sucking major monkey balls like normal. I actually completed course one of a cake decorating class at Joann Fabrics (oh, yeah...I'm a wannabe Martha). I start school on June first. I'm scared shitless. Yes and no, really. I'm scared that I'm going to screw it up again (like I did 10 years ago, holy shit! did I really just say 10 YEARS AGO?!?!)
My grandma's not doing so hot. She lives in Oklahoma, so my mom's going down this saturday. I'm afraid that this will be the last mother's day she'll be here. My mom's already so upset, and I almost don't want her to take this trip. I'm afraid that it will break her. *sigh*

So that's the update. Sorry that I haven't been around, I really haven't been motivated to do much lately. I'm going to try and do atleast one post a week.

Thank you all (*cough* Jaci) for checking on me!

*and I'll stay away from the light!

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