Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Clueless Stupid Woman,

You excused yourself as you carelessly crossed my path as I'm trying to put my kiddie cart back into the 'cart corral'. That's fine. Until I see that you were the one parked right beside me.

You parked on my passenger side, 12 inches from my passenger side. Now you may not see what the problem is. You had plenty of room to exit and re-enter your car with no problem. Now for me, there's a huge problem. When you park that close to one's car, you leave very little room for a MOTHER to put her CHILD in their car seat. Now I could've barely squeezed my size 14 rear end through that open space.

Oh, how I cursed you under my breath as I climbed through the driver side back door and across the middle seat. Then to maneuver a 2 year old boy into his car seat, I was definitely heated.

So as I noticed that you were the stupid woman who parked so close to my car, I thanked you.

My exact words were "Thank you for parking so close, because I didn't have enough room to get my child in his seat". I believe your response was "Whatever".

Really? 'Whatever'? You look to be 26, maybe 27 years old. Dressed in your lovely dress pants, high heals, makeup perfect, and that's the best you could come up with?!

I hope that you realize that I truly didn't mean it when I proceeded to tell you that I hope your car got hit today. Well, maybe a little, but not enough to hurt you. Just enough to let you know that karma's a bitch.

And now I believe karma's going to come and bite me right in my ass.

Stupid woman.



Ooh, I hate when that happens. I had that just last week, trying to get my heavy, squirming, HOT toddler into his carseat was a nightmare! And then he (it was a couple in my case) had the hide to get annoyed because I was taking too long! JERK!!!!


Big peeve of mine! I hope her car got hit today! LOL

Today, my toddler wanted to ride in one of those stupid car carts at the grocery store. They are so big and awkward to maneuver. Anywhoo, I accidentally and BARELY bumped into another woman's cart. I immediately apologized. She proceeded to say how much she hates those carts and doesn't know why the stored have them even though kids love them, how she guesses she will MOVE out of the way, and on and on and on. I looked at her and said "hey lady, i APOLOGIZED!". Ugh.

Another Stupid Woman.


Don't ya just love that?! I have two kids in car seats and curse everytime that happens. With my luck, it happens on both sides. ERRRR


she couldnt even say sorry?! that is awful. rs@


What a snot!! Good for you for saying something. Karma's a bitch and she will get hers. ;)


Ugh. All I can say is karma's a real bitch.

Cindy DG

I hate it when that happens!!! I can So relate!
Dropping in to say hi from "blog around the world" I found your site there.

Cindy DG

Oh forgot to say i am a SITS-sa too! :)
Dropping in to say hi from "blog around the world" I found your site there.


Oh what a snot! People who pick to be like that usually get it back (fingers crossed the do, anyway!) [Popping in from SITS]

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