Friday, June 27, 2008

I swear, I'm crazy.

I'm not just kooky-crazy, I really believe that I could be clinically diagnosed crazy. My head is so mish-mashed (made up word #2) it feels like potato soup.

I also believe that working full-time as a bartender (I get home between 11pm-12am, not REAL bar hours, thank God!) and being home with the boys all day is burning me out. I have NO patience for them at all! I feel awful, but they are too much right now!

Owen is really mouthy and doesn't know when to stop. I've tried everything. Time-outs, taking toys away, no t.v., taking privileges away, spanking (yes ladies and gentlemen, I do spank. I'm ready for the flames), and I'm tempted to start washing his mouth out with soap!! I'm at a loss with him and pray that we find something that works soon!

Cole is starting his wonderful era as a two-year old. Fan-flipping-tastic. He's such a cute little monster though, then he starts screaming like a banshee. Everything Owen has, he has to have. Even if we hand him an INDENTICAL toy, he has to have the one Owen has. UGH.

Don't get me wrong, I love my boys more than life. But I'm losing it. Seriously going bonkers. My poor husband. He doesn't know what to do with me!

So if any of you fellow bloggers out there have the miracle remedy to raising kids, working full-time, and keeping a woman from being admitted...let a sister in.

Think I'm off to drown my sorrows in a few (dozen, don't let me fool you) margaritas. Oh. Wait. I have to go to work tonight. Freaking Awesome.
Tootles says the crazy.


Red Headed Mama

If you find that miracle, let me know!

Hang in many years until they turn 18? ;)


You aren't crazy. Just a working mom doing the best she can. Thankfully you have a great husband to help keep you sane.


LOL I agree, if you find a miracle I need to be let in on it. I feel your pain!!! Nolan is my little monster...and he doesn't know when to stop either. We have tried all that you have too...and I have come to the decision to start with the soap in the mouth. I'm hoping I will only have to do that a few times before it has an effect on him, lol. I'm here going through the same thing if you need to vent!!!

Lane Boyz Mom

You will survive...I promise! If I survived my wild boys, you'll survive yours! LOL

And I walked in those shoes...time outs, spankings, sauce worked better than the soap, btw.

I'd love to say they turned out alright...well, they did, until puberty hit....

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