Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

Well, we definitely had a 'booming' fourth of july. We really didn't go out on friday (lovely freaking work), but we went down to New Philadelphia on Saturday. Why does it always seem that we when have family functions, my DH turns into Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hyde?! Must be his time of the month (yes, I'm a firm believer that men have PMS too).

N-e-hugh. We ended up going to mom's for dinner then drove down. We don't do the all-day events without naps. It could turn into a brutal massacre without naps. We got to ride the merry-go-round and the little airplanes. The boys had so much fun!

Then the fire works. They are freaking amazing! We had 35 long minutes of ooo's and ahh's. This was the first year Owen didn't need his trusty earmuffs (thank goodness). Cole did awesome. I really believe that he was so tired, he really didn't give a crap (as long as his ears were covered). At the end everyone was nice and exhausted and ready for bed (sooo including me!).

We didn't get home until midnight, so I was thinking 'awesome! they'll sleep in!'. Oh, buddy, was I wrong. Owen woke up at seven on the nose. Seriously? Seriously. Owen was whiney, and Cole was his normal wild self.
I hope that everyone had a happy and safe fourth of July!
Now some pictures for your viewing pleasure!



the boys are tooo cute!

Red Headed Mama

How cute, looks like a great time!


LOL. Men do get PMS. I actually know a few that own up to it too.

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