Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's alive and well!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my husband is alive and well.

I, on the other hand, barely made it through!

We got up there early, my friend Trisha rode with me. My sister, her love muffin, and a bunch of Carl's friends met us up there. Thank God I had all them there, because I would have passed out, thrown up, and lost it. Probably all at the same time, if that's at all possible.

We thought he was going to be the #10 fight out of 12. NOPE! He was #2! Which actually was better for me, so we didn't delay my heart attack.

After the first fight, I was in tears. I didn't want him to get hit like that guy did!! He got his ass whooped! And of course I had someone make a stupid comment to me.

"Aren't you afraid he's going to break something, or get really hurt?"
(this coming from a girl I met a whole 20 minutes ago)

"No, bitch. Didn't think that was going to happen at all. Aren't they going in to play 'ring around the rosie'?" Now, I really didn't say that. But it did put me into another set of tears! Stupid we not stop and think before we talk? Didn't think so...

To continue on, it was amazing to see him walk out like he did! (yes, it was a turn on)

He didn't get any face shots, (thank you Jesus, I will be nice now.) he did get a few knees to the ribs and a leg kick. He took down the dude in the second round!!

HE WON!!! It was so awesome to see him accomplish this! He honestly is really good at what he does, and he's only going to get better!

I didn't throw up or pass out. Which was very surprising! I did cry a few times.

Now he's thinking about another fight at the end of august. Fabulous. Atleast my heart has time to heal!

This is my hot husband and I after the fight. You can see the relief on my face!!


Katie Says

oh goodness. I would have been nervous! and knowing me, I would have probably responded with the "No, bitch..." ;)

glad to hear your husband made it out alive!


Believe it or not, I have passed out and thrown up at the same time. Damn pregnancy...I woke up on the floor at work, covered in vomit, with co-workers and paramedics staring at me. THAT was a fun day.

Enough of my gross story...yeah for hubby! You totally want him now, huh? :)


I am so glad you both made it through the fight. Where is he fighting in August? Hopefully you have enough time to recover from the last fight in time for the next fight.


You sure can. I would have been a wreck.

Thank you so much for taking the time to pop over, browse around and comment on my posts. I look forward to returning and looking around. :)


I laughed so hard I cried.
Thank you.....thank you.

(your sister- in Tejas)

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