Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Gremlin has turned 2!

Yes, folks I said it. *2* As in two years old and the terrible two's. The year that the devil himself comes forth and bestowes his evil ways upon such a cute little child.

Yes, I believe that my child has now become the spawn of satan himself. Sad, but true. You may see such a cute little blonde with blue eyes, but come into our home. Please. I'm inviting you to witness all that is un-holy.

The terrible banshee cries over ever.single.toy. Heaven forbid that his brother plays with something he was *thinking* about playing with. He will unleash his horrid raid for all toys.

'Try to reason with him', you say?

Ha. I laugh at that.

'Remove him from the situation', you say?

You truely make me giggle.

Time-outs? Taking toys away? Spanking *gasp*?

Yes, for I have tried them all. I pray for an exorcism very soon to have my little man back. Until then, I will have to bathe him in holy water and tie him to the crib (i really hope you know i'm joking. if not, good luck).

Here's some Gremlin birthday photos for you to enjoy and comment on how I must be crazy to call him 'spawn of satan'.



Lane Boyz Mom

Oh he is soo precious! I hope he has a wonderful Birthday today!

I have survived two boys and their terrible two's. Let me say this....I honestly would rather RELIVE that phase than the one I'm entering now....I've got one about to turn 13 in August *GASP*...PUBERTY SUCKS!


Just thought I'd give you something to look forward to;) lol

Apple Joos

You get no judgments from me! I've called my kids worse (not to their faces, of course). I'm also a spanker so no flamage for that either! Happy birthday The Gremlin!

Red Headed Mama

I just love that boy...'spirit' and all.

But don't forget...3 is worse then 2. Makes you feel better, huh? :)

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