Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dreaded Question

Another random converstation with Owen.
(driving in the car)

Owen: 'Mom. I have a serious question to ask you.'

Me: 'Um, ok.....'

:Now I'm thinking. Crap. What did we leave out? Oh, no. Is he finally going to ask why daddy was in the shower with mommy? (which by the way, was to save on water, you perverts)

Now I'm waiting for the question, cringing.

Owen: 'Do frogs have ears?'

Me: 'WHAT?' (thank you for not asking anything that I DID NOT want to explain!)

Owen: 'Do frogs have ears?'

Me: 'That's a very good question! I'm not sure. We'll ask daddy, or look for it on the computer.'

Owen: 'Okay.'

I'm now SO relieved. I did look it up and they have inner eardrums.

So, yes. Frogs do have ears. Just so you know.



Funny! Thanks for stopping in the other day!


Oh my god, so cute.

I actually cringed a bit when I first read what Owen first said. I thought it was gonna be bad too. Way too cute.

BTW, not a pervert either, but we take showers together to save water too!! :)


I freaking laughed out loud. I think Tim woke up.


or you could've just asked me haha! You should've known I would know ;)


I have many car conversations like that too. Mostly involving who Hayden can marry. He is starting early, I guess.


You never know what is going to come next, right?
I am glad I stopped by! Great blog!

Katrina :)

That was hilarious! I actually laughed out loud. Kids say the darnedest things. (And thank goodness they are not always bad!!) LOL

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