Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I don't think I can do it today

*I try not to complain too much, so I apologize in advance.
Ugh. Yesterday was SO rough.

Owen didn't listen to me once, talked back BAD all day, threw fits, and acted like a complete brat. (sorry Stacy about him hitting Aiden) Then Cole was just plain screaming all day. He screams to be funny, loud, mad, angry, sad, everything. He can talk, but he loves to scream. He threw fits all day yesterday too.

This morning, I'm already done. Cole has been pissy, cranky, and screaming since 6:15 this a.m. I think he's getting his 2 year molars. He's being medicated.

I need to be medicated. Seriously.

The only upside to today is Owen has a little football day camp today 10am to 1pm. And I have to hit up Sam's club with the screaming banshee.


Then I get to go into my personal hell called work.

I don't know how I'm going to make it through today.

I really don't.


Red Headed Mama


You'll make it, I promise! It might take a lot of deep breaths and a drink or two, but you'll make it!


Aww! You'll do it!
I try to count down the hours till the days over.. maybe that'll help :)

Love you.


Hang in there! It will get better! Try to have a better day as hard as it might be!

I thought that's where I knew you from - I couldn't juggle both boards (I'm on the NEO fallen knottie board) so I am no longer a member, but it is good to connect with you again! Small world!


Okay, that is a rough day. My daughter is only one, but I am starting to see her stubborn side. Your post scares me. Congrats on the Saucy Blog roll this week.

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