Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So I lived through it...

Well, I'm still alive. Barely.

I got them both to nap after Owen's football camp. I would've napped also, but I was screwing around on the computer (insert big eye roll here).

Woke them up, took them to the sitter, and I was on my way to work. So excited to go to work, can't you tell?

The sitter calls me to see if Cole has had diarrhea. He was a little runny yesterday, but not too bad. Think the gremlin's getting more teeth. Fabulous.

Anyways, Owen had told her that Cole was stinky. It was EVERYWHERE. Down his legs, up his back, in his shoes, and all over his clothes. The kid was so upset!

She called me, with Cole screaming in the background, to let me know what had happened. He didn't have any extra clothes (bad mommy, I know) so he was in his diaper.

Hearing my kid screaming in the background was not helping my day any. I told her that if he didn't calm down soon, to call and I'd come get him.

He did calm down. Thank goodness.

I didn't get home from work until 11pm. Passed out in bed, and here I am. I seem to have a bit more patience today (the gremlins are grateful, I'm sure).

We're going over to Owen's buddy's house for lunch and some play time. Then it's nap time and I WILL NOT be screwing around on the computer this time! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day in Bloggy World!


Katy Lin :)

hope you have a better day today! :)

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