Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh, dear husband....

Oh, dear husband,

I think I may have to hurt you. Check this out. Saturday after Owen's party we went home to nap. The boys went right down, and I was on my way (don't be giving me crap for napping, I love my naps, especially when I have to work!!).
Carl tells me that he's going down to the new tattoo place that opened up in town. Just to check prices for the pieces we would like, and to see if there was anyone he liked there.

I go to bed (with a migraine after all the fun six-year-old fun).

I get woken up (still with the migraine) by Carl.

Carl: Well, your tattoo will be about $60-$100. Mine was about $100, and didn't take too long.

Hmm. I'm still half asleep trying to process what he's telling me. He tries to sneak out the door.

Me: Um, didn't take too long? Get your ass back in here.

Carl: What? (with a shit-eating grin on his face of course)

Me: Take off your shirt.

Carl: Alright!

Me: No. Take it off.

He proceeds to take off his shirt, and I see two large bandages on both of his sides.

Me: Are you kidding me?! We were supposed to get these done together!! I can't believe you did that!!

Carl: (stuttering at this point) Well, they were able to fit me in, you and the boys were sleeping. I thought it'd be okay.

Me: Whatever.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's really not that big of a deal. Except for the fact we were supposed to go together! I'm more jealous than mad! He's got 5 and I have 1.

So I'm going to get my nose pierced and my tattoo next week. Hmmph.
He got the boys' initials.

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17 comments: Maegan

omg. i would have been mad too. but they look great.


Oh, my!! I can see why you'd be a little peeved...they look nice though! What are you going to get??

You're getting your nose pierced?! Yay! It'll look great! Mine unfortunately is no longer..but I want to do it again when I know I'll be able to keep it in longer.


I like the initals tattoo. What are you getting yours of?


Since it's been asked, I plan on getting 3 or 4 outlines of little stars. One for me, 2 for the boys and maybe 1 for Carl. Haven't decided if I'm going to do color or not.


Oh, duh, on the front of my left shoulder...I swear I'm about stupid today!

Lane Boyz Mom

I'd be ticked too!! Do men ever think? Nahh..dumb question, I know!

But they did turn out great...not that helps, huh? LOL

Crazy Momma

I am SO jealous! They look great, I get why you are pissed (errr, jealous)...I want more too!

Aren't they TOTALLY addicting?

Congrats on the Saucy Blog listing!


Hi! you look really familiar too, are you on one of the NEO boards? I think that's where we know eachother from...

Katy Lin :)

those are awesome, but i totally would have been mad as you were - probably madder!


Ooooh! I would have been furious too!


Yikes! I'm so not a needle person, so that would definitely not be me getting tats with my hubby!


Hello from another Sit Lady! You Go GIRL...get your nose, tummy, nipples...whatever you want peirced and your tattoo! lol- all I have is my tummy..and I passed out 5 times! Tat for me...but Good Luck & don't forget to post pictures!


OUCH is all I can say!

Mrs. S

That's awesome that he got them, though. And that he's ok with you getting them.

I know my husband would never forbid me to get one, but I know he'd prefer me not getting one.




Husbands - humph! They're always doing stuff like that. tattoos. Like everyone, I want to know what you got??? Found you on SITS :)


That's just like a man! Say one thing and do another.

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