Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm saucy!

The lovely ladies at The Secrets in the Sauce have declared me to have a 'Saucy Blog'!

That's pretty freaking awesome in my book! Guess that means I have to stop slacking and get some more good stuff going!

How about some help from my fellow SITS ladies (and gentlemen if you're stopping by!), anything anyone would like to know? I'm game for anything!

*Bring it on SITS* (heading now to put my fightin' gear on)


Apple Joos

Yay! Are you about to be featured? I'll help make some cookies and punch! They're relentless!


Woo! Being saucy for the week is AWESOME! I hope you get loads and loads of comment love!

I'm off to poke around your blog now, myself, and I'm a compulsive commenter, so mwah-ha-haaaaa, watch out!

Cheers from a SITSta!


Congrats on being on the saucy list! It rocks! The only thing better is being featured blogger, which I haven't done yet but I hear it's wonderful.


Welcome to the world of Saucy Blogs! You'll be up there all week and should get to meet some new SITStas!


Katrina :)

That is sooooo AWESOME!! Congrats! :)

Katy Lin :)

congratulations on your sauciness! :) happy monday!


lol...i just read your post where you commented on saving water by showering with your a mom of 5, that is exactly what we tell our kids when they ask why mommy and daddy "ALWAYS take a bath together!!!" hehehehe.....

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