Monday, July 21, 2008

Dead Animal

From the mouths of babes, as they say.

(Leaving the grocery store)
Owen: (scrunching face) "Mommy! I think Cole pooped!"

Me: (rolling eyes) "Fabulous."(Looking at Cole) "You couldn't wait until we got home?!"

(Get to car, unload, and proceed to do a diaper check)

Me: "Cole...did you poop?"

Cole: "Nooooooo...."

Me: (peeking down the back of his diaper, seeing nothing) "Owen. He didn't poop."

Owen: "Well he must have had a stinky fart! It smelled like something crawled up his butt and died!"

Me: (head down, laughing, tears rolling down the face) "Owen!"

Owen starts repeating what he said.

Me: "Owen! I know mommy's laughing, but we don't say that!"

Owen: "Why? You're laughing!"

Me: "I know. It was funny at first, but we don't say things like that. It's bad manners."

Owen: "Oh, okay."

*Note to self: talk to husband about what he says around the boys. God knows what else will be said!


Red Headed Mama

Ah yes, gotta love it! At least you were at the car and not in line! :)


LOL that is too funny!!!! I love the things that kids just makes me smile so big!


LOL. Too funny.


oh kids! hilarious....


I love it! You got a little comedian, huh?


The sad thing is, is that Carl couldn't deny it! He completely owned that one!


I love it!


LOL. MY son does that same thing. He picks up all kinds of colorful language from my hubby (not me of course). I always laugh at him and this means that he will not stop repeating it.

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