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MHR #12 How we met

(I'm slacking, so you get My Husband Rocks Friday on a Saturday!!)

Today, the topic is how we met.

Our story is not easy, it's been a very bumpy road. Every couple endures pain and struggling, we were no different. Marriage is a blessing, but it's also hard work.

August of 2001.

I was working at a restaurant as a server. I was only 20 years old, and in a very selfish state of mind. Still partying, using questionable substances, but I knew it was starting to get old.

Carl started working at said restaurant as a bus boy. He had dyed blonde hair (this was 7 years ago, he thought it looked good), and had a severe bad boy look (more of the 'thuggish' look, actually). He was not my usually style at all, but he was cute.

What really got me was the way he worked. The bus boys at said restaurant worked their tails off for the servers. Busing tables, carrying large trays, getting needed items from the kitchen, making them salads, just about everything. He was a very hard worker. Very respectable, and did I mention cute?

I was very shy around him, I don't know why since he was not my style at all. I had two friends that I partied with frequently that worked there also. I got up the nerve to ask him over to their apartment. He said yes!

Carl and two of his buddies showed up at the party. (I was seriously giddy, there was just something about him) We talked and his buddies hit it off with my friends. We all had a good time. Nothing happened that evening, it was honestly just a good time had by all.

I find out later through some people at work that Carl had a girlfriend. 'Well that sucks' is all I could think.

Well we went about our work and nothing happened for about a week.

Until his friend decided to tell Carl's then girlfriend that he had messed around with me at that party. Huh? Seriously? I laughed.

I laughed even harder when I found out she broke up with him because of him messing around with me. Seriously? I've always hated that drama crap.

September 2001

He invited me to a bonfire at his friends' house, because he was single now (*eye roll*)

We really hit it off that night. We talked about all the problems his girlfriend and him were having, and the fact that his friend was an ass for trying to start drama.

That night we had our first kiss.

Then it was us from then on.

(ex tried to start more trouble down the road, but all I could do was thank her for believing the lies.)


The Mommy

I love the hearing about how people met! Cute story! :)


That is so cute!! It was the drama that got you guys together!!

Even though it was made up drama!

The Mommy

You've been awarded over @ my blog @


then...happily ever after!!


Oh! I love your MHR posts!
I too love hearing stories of "when it all began"!


I can't wait to have a man i can honestly describe as awesome. You're very lucky.


I love hearing how couples met also! I can hardly wait to hear more!

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