Monday, February 16, 2009


Yup, that's me.

I'm a slacker.

We've had a bit of a stress the past couple weeks.

Here's a recap:

Feb 3rd- Carl has a dr appt. They've scheduled a MRI for Feb 9th. (explain later)

Feb 5th- Found out Carl may not have a job due to some stupid shit he did when he was 19 and 20 years of age.

Feb 6th- I had a dr appt, found out I wasn't dying of cancer. (I'm a bit dramatic, but there were questions!)

Feb 6th (also)- found out that they over looked my wiener husband's misdemeanors. Has a job! Yay!

Feb 9th- Carl's MRI. Don't get results yet.

Feb 11th- Get results. No aneurysms, blockage, or clots. (MRI on head and up chest). Yay! Not dying!

Feb 11th- Owen hit a little girl at school. No I'm NOT kidding. He took it upon himself to smack her in the face because she was talking in gym class. Oh, how the shit-ith hit-ith the fan-ith.

Feb 12th- Spawn of Satan...oops, Owen was aloud to partake in Valentines merriment. Had a good day, thanking his stars!

Feb 14th (VD!)- Got called into work 2 hours before scheduled time. Got my ass handed to me in a pretty basket, yes, with a nice red bow. We were on a wait from 3:30 until 9pm. (I work in a restaurant, if you haven't guessed yet) O-ray-of-sunshine management wasn't going to send the people who came in early for them, home early. (oh, the foul words ran like little jackolopes in my head)

Feb 16th- Went to a friends house for playtime. Had a great time. Went home realizing there is NOTHING to eat in my house. Glad to know that we've been out of milk for 2 days, and hubby didn't bother to right it down!! (there's those jackolopes again)


We've had our good with our bad these past couple days/weeks. Positive thinking people, positive thinking.

So, how was your VD? Everyone loves a good VD!
(snickering like a 12yr old little boy)

*edited to mention the fact that both boys were sick through the beginning of this fun stuff. Owen had Fifth's Disease, Cole had pink eye- then Fifth's disease. Good times!


Young Momma

So, that was all a bit much! I'm glad your all still sane and that your both healthy! :)


Geesh, lady! Glad everything is much better!!


it is amazing anyone makes it through a day with any sanity intact. Glad all is okay


Im a tad over dramatic on health stuff too.

My VD (lol) I got a poem....sort of. I posted it on my blog today.

Z's Mom

Well, its good to hear that no one is dying and you both have jobs! That's something these days, huh? Yeah.....everyone loves VD....that was funny! :)


Oh. My. Golly. Goodness. LOL

I'm glad you made it through all of that! You have the right to be a slacker!


....thank you for the nice things you said, I really appreciate you stopping by...
Your boys are cute..and I'm glad that your stressful week turned out ok...

Carina Gardner

Wow! That is SOME calendar of events!


Phew...what an eventful February! Hope things are settling down for you now. Thanks for visiting my blog today and have a great weekend!


I wanted to cuss at the 'I didn't have cancer' part. WHAT THE CRAP ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?! [issues with living 1000+ miles away]

And.....for some reason I initially thought VD meant venerial disease. LOL. Was so unsure as to why you were airing THAT issue on a blog. (;

love you.

[p.s. tell O I said if he ever hits a girl in the face again, I'll come all the way from Tejas to elbow drop him. ha]

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