Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear Mrs. Know-It-All

I wanted to let you know that I'm truly disappointed on how you handled yourself the other evening. You had asked how old my son was, and I replied his age (just turned 6). You proceeded with asking what grade he was entering, and I replied his grade (first). Mrs. Know-It-All, you then decided to degrade my decision on sending MY child into his schooling on the younger side.

My son's birthday happens to fall in the end of July. My husband and I have both struggled with what time to put him in school. WE do not need YOU to tell us when we should have sent him in. WE both decided to put him in on the early side because he was ahead of his preschool class. We voiced our concerns with his kindergarten teacher, and she worked with us all year. Just because you held your kids back, does not mean that your way was the right way. There is going to be an age difference with all the kids in every grade. I really can't believe that you heatedly told me that I was wrong to put him early, because he would take attention away from kids who actually are old enough(and deserve)to be there. Seriously?

Then you think that sending him early will have the result of having him put on medicine for ADHD?! I believe that's backwards. His kindergarten teacher told us that she can not hold him back academically. If we were to hold him back, then he'd be bored. Which would result with him getting himself into trouble, and considered for the ADHD label. I honestly can't believe that you had the audacity to tell me that I was wrong.

Yes, you are completely entitled to your opinion. Just not when it comes to MY child. I believe I was the one to give birth and raise him, was I not?

Rot in Hell,

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Red Headed Mama

nicely put! :) I hope you told her to shove it.


a'men, sister! ugh, how frustrating when other people try to "parent" YOUR child!


Oh My! I SO would not have been able to hold my tongue. Mrs. Know-It-All would have heard a mouthful!!

Don't let her words get to you. You did what was best for YOUR son.

Katy Lin :)

some people don't have a connection between their brains and their tongues! seriously! grrrr! this burns my biscuits!


Rude woman! Not your child and never will be your child so back off.


What a bitch!!! Who the hell does she think she is???


What? I can't believe someone would jump all over you like that. Wow.

My daughter's b-day is in Nov., and I could see someone questioning me for starting her in school at 4 or something (which I don't think they would allow)--but your son is 6 and starting first grade! That's perfectly normal!

If someone told me that their 7 year old was going into the first grade, I would think there was something mentally wrong with their kid, wouldn't you?

I hope you were able to spit out a pat little insult and put her in her place. Stupid old biddy.


Oh snap, girl.
Tell me who it was...
I'll take care of her when I come home to visit in 3 weeks.


Ah, darlin, I laughed so hard when I read this! You are a true Mama and Im sooooo very proud of you! And yes Mrs.Know it all should keep her big mouth shut and rot in hell : ). Love yer Mama


Very well said!


I deal with ignorance like that all the time. I have learned that reactions like that are really that person showing their fears and insecurities! Just think how horrible it must be to live your life like she does.

I feel sorry for her :)



Ooooh! Fuming!!! My littlest has started kindergarten at four and a half and will be in grade one at 5!

Tell that to Ms. ignorant know-it-all!!!


Oh my, God bless you. You were so much nicer than I would've been. We have the same age thing with SS#1, but fortunately, I haven't come across anyone like HER! Happy SITS Friday!

DiPaola Momma

OOOOHHHH! That is it. Come on SITSas we are going to pay Mrs. KnowitALL a visit! You know there are far too many kids out there being neglected and abused. WHY is it that we only ever hear about them when someting unthinkable happens?! Were is this woman when it comes to them? OH, I know she is sticking her nose in YOUR parenting business!! BTW, ADHD (a true case) is very rare.. as we learned after 3 teachers wanted my now HONOR ROLL, accepted to one of the most prestigious Arts High schools in the country, son!!


Don't you just hate people like that?


rot in hell indeed!!

rock on SITSta!


You go girl. The last line says it all!

Nanny Goats In Panties

Sounds to me like you were trying to be civil about the whole thing despite how you really felt and then you burst just before signing off with the "Rot in Hell", which, by the way, made me laugh, because you were being so nice about it up until then! :)

Happy SITS Open Letter Day.


Hi, your last line was perfect!

i know a Bit** like that, and if I could I would love to light a candle under her "perfect" make-up face and watch it her say..."I'm Melting"! LoL

Veggie Mom

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