Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Punish me...

For I have been a bad, bad, blogger. It's been a very busy week, getting Owen ready for school, work, house..you know, the normal routine!

Awhile back I was reading one of my favorite blogs ( Ravings of a Mad Housewife )and she was going to get a blog makeover! The lovely Lexi at Indelible Creations was doing a giveaway, blog makeovers for a heck of a deal!! I got in on that really quick!!

Lexi was awesome to work with and we got it all done in just a few days!

I :heart: my new blog! I feel like a new blogger! (yeah, yeah, I'm cheesy, I know)

Tell Lexi I said 'Hi!' when you stop by to check out her goodies!!



ohhhhh. i heart your blog too!



Red Headed Mama

I am incredibly jealous of your new blog!!

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