Friday, August 15, 2008

My Husband Rocks #5

It was too funny when I got home from work last night. Carl was sitting on the computer downloading music. Just wasn't his normal rap, it was the nostalgic R&B. He looked at me grinning, saying that he had missed me and was thinking about me all night. He's too funny sometimes. I can tell he's really grateful for us.

I do love him, and am very thankful for him.


Katy Lin :)

how sweet! :)


Aww, how sweet!!

Kathy C.

Isn't it sweet to know you are being thought of by the one you love? :)
Have a blessed day.


thanks for stopping by my blog! hope you'll visit again soon!


I hope you put that R&B to good use;-)


Wow that's so cool! You are blessed to have a hubby that's so sweet.

A happy heart at home

Sweet post!


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