Thursday, August 28, 2008

One of My Favorite Things....

I love me some rock 'n' roll. So happens that my sister and I were not able to go to see Linkin Park in Projekt Revolution.

:be still my heart: We were devestated.

Even more devestated to find out that one of my regulars' daughter sat on two tickets. The hooker didn't go. Next time I see her....

Ok. Ok. I'm alright. We were able to see them the last two times they toured. They are fantastic in concert.

We WILL be going the next time. No.if.ands.or.buts.

My sister is basically obsessed. I think she secretly believes that she'll marry Chester Bennington (lead singer).

Hell. He is pretty darn hot!
Here's my one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!



Oh I love rock n' roll too. thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday and if you ever come to Alabama I promise you won't get spit in fromt of. lol


O that really sucks that you didn't get to go!!!! I wanted to go so bad too, lol. And I looooove that song too!!!


Oooo! I love me some Linkin Park. Actually, it was my 15 year old that got me hooked. He actually scored some free tix from my hubby's job and took a couple of his friends to Projekt Revolution when it came to Denver.

Sorry you were devastated! You will enjoy it THAT much more when you are finally able to go!

Thanks for stopping by today for the tour of Colorado!!

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