Friday, January 9, 2009

Excuse Me, It's My Uterus!

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Yeah. This is an interesting topic.

I have a couple that like to come into the restaurant once in awhile. They tend to stay 2-3 hours and chat. Which is fine by me!

I love the woman. She's awesome. She's sarcastic and a smartass (like someone else you may know!) Now the guy. He's alright. He's nice and funny, but seems to believe he's in the Irish 'mob' in our area. (yeah, I know *eye roll*)

On to the uterus.

We were having a discussion about our kids. (They both have one kid each from previous relationships, but neither of them live with them.) We were talking about my lovely little monkeys when he asked me if we were planning on having anymore.

I said yes. We would love to have more!

Holy Hell. He stepped up apon his soap box and proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't have anymore kids.

1. The economy is terrible, and our jobs aren't stable enough to support another child. (yeah, I know)

2. Why would you want to bring another child into this shithole (his words) of a planet. There's not a good enough chance that your child would be able to cure cancer or anything else great. (no, I haven't hit him yet, even though I'm visualizing it..)

3. How are you going to go back to school when you have a baby at home with two other children. (seriously..don't think that's a problem you should be worrying about!)

4. Do you think it's fair to keep having kids when other couples can't even have one? (now this struck a nerve with me. I know quite a few friends who have fertility issues, and I feel terrible for them. Now he's starting to make me feel guilty for wanting to have more children)

Now through this whole preaching, he really wasn't being mean, but I wanted to knock him through the wall.

Where do you get the kahoena's to do that?!

I ended up telling him, then and there, that this was a decision that my HUSBAND AND I would be making.

Not even 5 minutes later when I was out of the bar, he walked by me. Making the comment 'I really don't think you should have anymore kids, this world is just a terrible place'.

My comment back:

"Well, the last time I checked, it's my uterus, not yours."

WTF?! Seriusly. People will never cease to amaze me.


Young Momma

Wow! I would have had some issues with that discussion. I'm glad you were able to keep your cool! People like that aren't even worth the argument. :)


I hate downers like that guy. Guess what, buddy, the world has ALWAYS been a bad place, and who cares about the stupid economy? Maybe he should go hunker down in a 1950's bomb shelter and wait for the End Times.


Red Headed Mama

Holy hell...wtg on not slapping the guy.

You and your uterus do what you want :)


I would have written sooner but it took me a while to pick my chin up off the floor.


As one of your friends with IF issues, I couldn't be more supportive of you!


WOW that guy sounds like he might need another drink and I HOPE he gave you a big tip besides his mouthy tip! You were above me at Secret in Sauce blog rollcall.


Stopping by from SITS.

Umm that guy is CRAZY!! very pessimistic, and really is it any of his business. NO! There are lots of people out there with three kids. Maybe he should move to China where people are only allowed to have one kid!! hehe


Wow. What a jerk. Who says that?!

DysFUNctional Mom

The world is what you make of it. He's making HIS world crappy and trying to do the same for others. You're so right - your uterus, your decision!

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