Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Serious Snow

A couple weeks ago, we had a some huge snowfall.

(this was before we got the negative degree weather....wonderful, I know)

Felt like showing off the pictures of the boys out playing!
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And this was the wee-gremlin and the fit he threw when he came in...

Yup, those are my boys!



Ha! Why do kids throw fits like that?!?! You can see in the picture that his cheeks are BRIGHT RED from the cold. Elizabeth does the same thing, so you have my sympathies!

By the way, thank you for the timer! It went on the lights right away, and I totally forgot to send you an e-mail because I suck like that. We took the lights down and I remembered that I'm an ungrateful idiot. :)


How cute!!! Looks like he had so much fun he could have played all day.


I love seeing little kids all bundled up for snow. So cute!


Oh no, little man was mad! That's usually the reaction I get from my little one when I bring him in!
Look at all that snow! Brrrr!

Noah's Mommy

Love the snow Pics....and I've left you something over at my blog...come by and pick it up when you can...


What fun memories! I have many pictures of my little lady showing her temper. It's kind of cute!


my kid saw snow for the first time in December. We had a snowball fight and it was a blast.

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