Friday, January 16, 2009

The Year of Change

Yeah, well I didn't win my purse. :(

But hubby did find a new job. He has been hunting for about 10 months.

He's been miserable where he was at.

He got hired in this past week, and starts training on monday.

(think old boss was happy to get rid of him quickly)

Now the negative part.

We have to take a three dollar paycut. (the old boss was going to make him take a five dollar paycut)

There is commission and benefits, so that will be great.

I'm supposed to starts school in the summer semester.

This should definitely be an interesting year.

Hubby new job, less money, my miserable job, school, and one more item that I pray works out. It's got me kinda down today, and I'd love to share....but right now, I just can't.

Everything works out, one way or another.

I hope.



I'm sorry about the paycut--but if he's happy in the new job, maybe the commissions will go up? Right?

Hang in there, hon!

Young Momma

Congrats to your hubs!! My hubs just found a job too - after four months of both of us being unemployed! I just started school too, so yay! What are you going to go to school for??

I hope that the last item does go the way you want. Your right, everything happens for a reason and you can make it work. :)


Chin up my friend!
Everything WILL work its way out! Just hang in there and remember, let go of the things you can not control!

Star Forbis

Thanks so much for visiting my Blog and Laughing with me. Come back any time.

Creative Mish

That is fabulous he found a new job. Especially in today's economy. My husband has taken 3 pay cuts in the last two years. But there is nothing else available for him. hang in there! PS Hi from SITS


Everything will be fine :-) I'm glad he was able to get out of a job he wasn't happy in, and hopefully things are looking up!


Congrats to hubby on the new job! And maybe since he's going to be happier, things will be more positive :)

Love you


Commissions are scary, I know because I live off of them. They can be both a blessing and a curse.

He'll go great though!


I'm glad your husband has a job. In this economy it says a lot. I know it all looks bleak but honestly, I am a big believer in what goes down must come up.


Hey SITS! Maybe you could win somethin free for those cute boys over at my blog!


Congrats on the new job.

I hope things all work out for you.

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