Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun Giveaway!!

You may wonder who did this wonderful blog layout for me? Well the miracle worker's name is Lex! She did such a amazing job, and was so much fun to work with! She's doing an awesome giveaway- a custom blog redesign!

Since she's already worked her magic on my blog, I plan on Paying It Forward to a friend if I win! (oh, I'm so not telling who I have in mind!!)

Pay Lex a visit and tell her I said Hi!
Oh, and you need to visit Candid Carrie. She's helping Lex out by shamelessly advertising! (love you ladies!!)



i wondered about your layout! it is super fab! love it! i'm gonna go see ur friends!


I'm on my way over ASAP! I need a bloggy make over something kind of bad!
Thanks for the link!


thank you for visiting my blog via BATW!

Becky Welch

Thanks for coming my way on the BATW tour. I hope you had a great time and will come back very soon!

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