Friday, October 3, 2008

He Rocks #8

It's another friday!!

Here's why I think my husband rocks.

The other night (2am-ish) the stupid smoke alarm kept chirping. Not a very pleasant sound. I realized that the batteries must have gone out.

So I'm awake. I asked Carl to get up and take the battery out so it wouldn't wake the boys (and so I could sleep!).

At first he said no, and rolled back over. Nice.

Just a reminder, I'm 5'3" (on a good day). There's no way I could find a step stool tall enough for my short behind to get up there! And I wasn't dragging a kitchen chair all the way up to the second floor!!

Then my loving husband out of the kindness of his heart (and the sharpness of my elbow) decided to take the battery out. It's nice to know that I could wake him to do something for me in the middle of the night, and to have him still love me!



i love the elbow works everytime to remind hubby why he loves me! good work...and i'm really glad u love ur hubby!


TOO cute! I am so glad you are showing how grateful you are. Appreciation will get him to do it next time WITHOUT the elbow, HOPEFULLY! LOL! Have a great Friday.


How nice of him to do that for you- with no prodding at all!


How cute! Nothing like a little (loving) nudge to get them to live up to "he rocks" status! LOL

Cherry's Jubilee

Thanks for stopping by from sits. You have a sweet blog. cherry


Im the same height as you 5'3-ish lol!!

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