Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mother of the Year

Completely lost that award.

Yup. Gone.

(like I was in the running :eye roll: )

I go to pick Owen up from school on Friday. A teacher was holding his hand, she informed me that Mrs. Teacher (his teacher...not her real name, duh.) wanted to speak to me. She was handling the kids in the gym, so we had to walk down the hallway to go see her. He was terrified (which he should've been, I was fuming)

She informed me that he was hitting a boy in gym class (playing, he's not malicious at all) and got sent back to his room. She proceeded to tell Owen how he was too smart to be acting out in class the way he has been.

This is how his week went:
(punishment chart- move your name each time you're in trouble, first it's a warning, then 5 min time out, 10 min time out, 15 min time out and letter home, 20 min time out and trip to the principle's office)

Monday: Good day! No name moving
Tuesday: Moved name 3 times- talking out, not listening, and not doing work
Wednesday: Moved name 3 times- talking out in hallway, not doing work, and misbehaved in swim class (misbehaving in swim class results in standing on the wall at recess for the rest of the week)
Thursday: Moved name 1 time- talking out
Friday: Got sent back to class from gym class

Mrs.Teacher and I decided to do daily behavior charts instead of weekly, hoping to curb this behavior.

She also told Owen if he moved his name this week he wasn't going to participate in the school's Halloween parade.

That boy was petrified of me. In good reason too. I was beyond embarrassed! I was practically in tears when we left.

We got back to the house (MIL was there to watch them, so I could go to work) and he got sent straight to his room. He got spanked (*gasp* yes I spank), he's to not get out of bed until 4:30. No calling for grandma, nothing. He gets up, and NO toys, NO t.v., he's aloud to color- and that's it. (I think MIL was a bit scared of me at this point)

And through all this punishment, the only response (other than crying, of course) was to know if he could go trick-or-treating.


Yes, I said it. I took away his trick-or-treating. He knew he messed up big.

If he has a good week, then we can go trick-or-treating in my hometown on Friday night.

So far, he had a good day yesterday.

We honestly don't think he's ADHD, trust me, I've seen that.

I just pray that Carl and I work hard together on him to straighten up. He's 6, I wish he could be a kid a bit longer. He's such a loving, energetic, caring boy. I don't want to crush his spirit. But it's not looking that way. He just loves to play, but he needs to learn to listen and respect. I'd hate to see him held back, and that would be awful. He'd be worse if that happened. He's at the top of his class academically, but not in the maturity area.

Oy. This will be me, soon, I'm sure.

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Lex the mom

I have an overactive boy, too. Andy had some issues in K & first grade (he's doing first again - it was & is for the best. His teacher this year already told me she thought I did the right thing because he is "right on track". For Andy, it really was all about maturity & learning to take responsibility - his classwork suffered a lot last year, though. He chose not to participate, way too often.). I have to say, as far as maturity goes, he's doing much better this year, if that's any consolation.

It has always been difficult for me to take away the "big" things, but I am with you. I do it - even if I don't like it.

Momma Chae

Thank God! A mother with real kids! :) I have real kids as well.


Are you sure it isnt ADHD? Both my daughter and I have it, and neither of us are hyper. We are innatentive, impulsive, easily distracted. So if he is a smart kid and the class is boring him, he is likely to be distracted and start doing things the teacher thinks is not a good idea.

Just something to think about.

No matter what is making him behave this way, I hope he can stop. Nothing is more embarrassing than having the teacher tell you what your kids was doing to someone else's kid. I say this from experience LOL!


Oh dear! I've been there. Actually, *gulp* my middle one still has issues in school. She has been put on notice the past couple weeks and KNOWS one slip and she'll be sitting in her room on Halloween!


I think we all feel like that lady in the picture - lol!

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day.....if I find the gnome thieves I will have my people get in touch with your people so they can "take care of" them!

You had me cracking up :)

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