Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Houston, We Have a Big Boy Bed!

Well we've had the big boy bed set up for 2 months, but we're starting the switch!

My lovely hubby didn't take down the crib because he wanted to do an easy transition. *snort* NOTHING'S easy with this little gremlin!

Carl decided to put him in his big boy last night without checking to see if the mattress pad was on, if the sheets were washed (they were brand new), or to cut his juice habit off at an earlier time. None of the above were done. *eyeroll*

He was trying, I can't complain too much with him trying!

Fast forward to this morning. I took the older gremlin to school, and the 2 yr old gremlin and I went to the laundrymat to wash all of the comforters.

*taking a 2yr old to a laundrymat- not a smart idea, but surprising he was very good!

Then we came home, made up all the beds, and then I took down the crib.

After lunch came nap time. *gasp* Duh-du-dunnnnnn.
(overlook the holy blind and green shag carpet, that's to be updated later!)

Nap time went fine. He layed in bed for about 30minutes just looking around, then finally fell asleep!

We'll see how tonight goes!



The bed is cute. I'm looking for a new beds for all my girls as their metal bunk bed, died :(

Green shag, I used to have that in my bedroom growing up!! lol

DysFUNctional Mom

Aw, what a milestone! I hope it goes well.


congratulations. We had a hard transition with one of ours, finally he is in his big boy bed too!

Lex the mom

Definitely a milestone! You'll have to let us know how it's working out.

Big boy/girl beds are such a huge deal and even if they love the idea & look of it, it's so big, it's scary! Never an easy transition & so far, it sounds like a thumbs up!

I live...therefore I consume.

Hiya - cute blog! Just visiting as I saw your comment above mine in SITS :)

It's always fun to make a change in your little one's life. The big boy bed is no exception! Though taking down the crib can be tough on a Mom's heart, as we will always see our children as our babies.


Good luck. I'm proud to say, my daughter didn't pee in her bed when she was making the transition and I hope i'm not jinxig myself (she is 5) but you never know.


Oh Yeah! My fingers are crossed it only gets easier from here.

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