Friday, October 17, 2008

MHR #10

We've made it to #10 post about how My Husband Rocks!

He cleans the cars.

Helps with the laundry when it needs to be done.

Does dishes, when they need to be done.

Helps Owen with his homework when I'm at work.

Helps keep Cole from climbing the ceiling.

He still tries to keep me sane. As hard as our marriage can be, he still tries.

That's all I could really ever ask for.


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Lisa aka Serahs

Awwww...that's all you can really ask for is that he tries. Sounds like such a great guy. Go hubby!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. When you do your Christmas shopping, don't forget your 10% off. Your fam and friends get the discount too!

feather k

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! It's great that you post about your hubby...maybe one day I can do that too :)


you are right, that is all we ever ask is for them to try and that just makes him so great.


So nice that you were blessed with such a good man...and even nicer that you recognize it and give him praise!


I saw you above me over at SITS and wanted to show some love.

Hubby sounds great.


good deal...i like this! and, i have to say, my hubby is soooo awesome at helping out when i ask. and every now and then, he brings me a reese's...and that def makes me find another little bit of love. isn't that silly?


Hello, found you through Blog Around The World :)


You got a great guy there, but you already knew that!

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