Friday, October 10, 2008

He rocks #9

It's that time again!! I'm going shake things up a bit today! I was visiting one of my favorite blogs the other day when she did this fun way to describe the one you love. Maternal Mirth did this for her daughter. I figured I'd do this for the hubby!

Here goes!

This is what he's been learning. He's currently 1-0.
mma Pictures, Images and Photos

This is how he'd like to think our family is...
leave it to beaver Pictures, Images and Photos

But this is how our family REALLY is...
Family Guy Pictures, Images and Photos

He refers to my youngest as Stewie...
stewie+louis Pictures, Images and Photos

He refers to my oldest as Squirrel Nuts (only in our home..and please don't ask me why, I still haven't received a complete answer!)...
squirell with nuts Pictures, Images and Photos

Even with the obscene names he calls the boys, he's still...
best dad Pictures, Images and Photos

He makes an honest effort to love me.
cute lil stick boy & girl Pictures, Images and Photos

We've had our ups and downs...
ups and downs Pictures, Images and Photos

But at the end of the day...
he loves me Pictures, Images and Photos


Katy Lin :)

LOVE IT! sooo fun! :) have a great weekend!


kinda fun and it makes me smile! i am always most thankful for my husband being the leader of the fam and doing it so well...


That was super cute! I loved your reference to Family Guy. LOL

Great post!

Oh, and thanks for the name suggestion! I LOVE it and it is definitely in the running! You're so good!


I love this! Aren't husbands wonderful?


I love this post!! I may steal this idea and use it too!!

mine, by magpie

awww- this is so fun!!! love the family guy stuff- hahah!!!

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