Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

We got back last night about 10pm-ish. (that's ohio time)

Oy. It was one heck of trip!!

The trip down (Nags Head, North Carolina) took 13 hours, because of all the stops due to these two!
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Now Owen wasn't really sure what to think of the ocean, and cole wanted nothing to do with it. He was happy throwing his sand toys everywhere.
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The weather was INSANE! We got there on a saturday and until thursday it was hurricane winds. Cole wasn't having the beach at all. So we played inside for awhile. (yes, the house had arcade games that we could barely peel the kids away from!)
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Now on one of our nights of drinking, (yes, the kids were sleeping, geez) we went crabbin'. (like clubbin' but crabbin', ha. nevermind) This man here, aka my hubby, was the main source of our entertainment. He loved to chase him some crabs.
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Then we hit up an aquarium. (don't mind the glare, the sharks were getting out of hand- had to keep them in line) And threw in a lighthouse.
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Here's the gremlins. Yes, I admit, they're beyond weird.
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Oh, and that crazy weather? Here's some pictures of that and some dumbass who drove his truck on the sand up in Hilton and got smacked by a wave. That's when he said 'Buh-bye truck' cuz it was gone, it ended up done in Kitty Hawk.
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Photobucket Photobucket
Found out that my son is an entrepreneur.
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One more evening of fun drunkeness. (we went with my good friend Stacy and her crazy hubby)
We had ONE beautiful day, on friday, for the beach. (oh, buddy, I got crispied)
And the trip home was just as long. 12 hours back to Ohio with 5 Disney movies.(thank you brother-in-law for letting us borrow the portable dvd player!!)
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Vacation is awesome, but it's good to be home!!

(for some reason my spell check is not working, please be nice if I butchered a few (dozen) words! Thanks!)



Awe! I'm jealous! I want a vacation. :(


Hello! Thanks for visiting me on my big SITS day! :)

When I was a kid, we would drive from our home in NJ to Florida for vacation -3 girls in the back of the van. That was 21 hours one way. I remember doing it several times. Nowadays, I don't dare drive the just about 6 hours from our home in NY to NJ to visit my family without the portable DVD player and a HUGE stack of movies for my one five year old. :) How did my parents survive?

Looks like you had a great vacay, despite the hurricane-y weather - love the pictures, your kiddos are SO cute!



What great vacation photos! Looks like you had a really great time! I love the last 2 of the little ones knocked out! LOL That's exactly how I feel after a long trip!


Hey I found you on SITs and thought I'd say hi! That trip looks fun but exhausting! I love the beach--can't wait to go back!


Great pics! I cannot believe that jackass drove his truck onto the beach! LOL! Musta been a man!

We did the out west thing (Ohio to the Pacific Ocean, through many states and back home)THAT was two years ago, and believe me, I'm not planning a vacation anytime soon! That about did it for me.

I never even knew this site was here, but this is cool to see people from my own state. Nice blog!

Lex the mom

Oh my! That looks like one hell of a fun vacation! Minus the hurricane winds (crappy the weather chose this particular week to go wonky).

Love the pics of the truck gone bye, bye!

Your family is gorgeous! Those boys are just adorable, albeit rambunctious. You look great, even though you didn't really show how crispy you were! ;)


Sounds like you enjoyed the Outer Banks...they're great aren't they? I need to go again...

I love your blog layout!

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

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