Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm too young for this...

Conversation between Owen and I after I pick him up from school (last week)

O: Can I have Haley *lastnamehere* over to play tonight?

Me: Not tonight, mommy has to work.

O: I want her to come over.

Me: I don't know Haley's mommy and daddy. Maybe after I meet them, and talk to them, maybe we can meet at the park or something.

O: I know her. Haley *lastnamehere* (like knowing her last name means anything *eye roll*

O: 'Bye Haley!' yelling over to the swings

Me: Oh, that's Haley! She looks like a nice girl.

O: She my girlfriend.

Me: Girlfriend?Photobucket Image Hosting

Haley: 'Bye Owen! I love you!"

Me: (WTF?!)Photobucket Image Hosting

O: Mommy, why did she say that?

Me: I think she was just playing (not knowing what to say)

O: She's my girlfriend and I'm her boyfriend.

* now I'm sure what you mothers of boys would say to this. I was thrown for a freaking loop here. WTF?! I have to explain why he can't have a girlfriend???

Me: Now what would you do if she kissed you?! EW!! Girls have different germs than boys, and you don't want those germs

(gimme a break, it was the first thing that came to mind)

O: Ew.

Me: You can be friends with girls, but you don't want a girlfriend until you're WAY older!

O: Okay, mommy.

If I see this:
Photobucket Image Hosting

I may turn into this:
Photobucket Image Hosting

*think I just developed a few dozen more grey hairs and need a drink NOW.



i am laughing my hind end off right now...just wait until you get the teen years. the 'girlfriends' just keep coming. yikes!


Oh my! haha! I need to have another talk w Chloe..saying I love you?? yikes!

Lex the mom

Oh no! You know, I haven't yet had to deal with that - with either of my 2 younger boys. Kyle's nearly 14 - should I be worried? He has told me of some girls he's "liked", though.

My oldest - he went to his dad for that stuff - THANK GOD! There were a few times he couldn't, though, & that left me to deal. When he was 16, he was dating a girl on the rebound. I knew what was coming & I just warned him to be careful. I told him to try to give a lot of time to get real close because she may not stick around. I was right, she didn't, e was devastated. Afer that he vowed to only speak to his dad "about stuff like this".

Let's hope you don't get to deal with that any time soon. ;)

Tracy P.

Definitely too young! Thanks for the sweet comments you left at The Journey on my SITS day last week. My kids are in 2nd and 3rd grade, and I'm probably your parents' age (well maybe not quite), but I'm still too young to be hearing that too!

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