Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My kid's a freaking magician.

Cole has to be a freaking magician. Has to be. I had just changed his diaper before we left to go to target. We get there, walked around a bit.

Then he starts saying 'Wet, Wet!'. alright. He was holding his leg b/c it was wet. My first thought was his sippy cup. (ALL his freaking sippy cups leak)

Nope. Not the cup.

The whole back of his shorts were soaking wet. He had completely filled his diaper in a matter of 30 minutes and it was over flowing.

Went to the bathroom, changed him, went out to look for a new pair of shorts. See I had planned on going to the park where Owen was having his football practice.

Yeah, had to go home (target didn't have ANY boy shorts AT ALL), get a new pair of shorts to go to the park.

I swear. I looked that white-trash mom with the kids with no pants on.


Red Headed Mama

OMG, I had that happen to me at walmart when Aiden was that age...only I ran in with NO diaper bag. Yep, had to go buy a pack of diapers b/c it was easier then lugging a fussy 2 year old back out in to the snow.
Gotta love it!

Ready for the beach? :)



I thought I was the only one with the incredible, magical, excessive peeing toddler! It really does amaze me sometimes!

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