Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bulk Order of Xanax Please

I'm seriously going to pull my f*#@$ing hair out.

Trying to get Owen to go to school yesterday was horrid. He screamed and cried for 45 minutes telling us that he didn't want to go to school. I straight told him, you don't go to school you get to sit on your bed ALL DAY with no toys or t.v.

I finally got it out of him (10 minutes) before we had to leave, that he didn't like the projects they were doing. He wouldn't tell me what kind, because of course he couldn't remember. He said they were too hard. I told him it was alright to raise his hand and ask his teacher for help. He told me that she said it was for him to do all by himself. Then do it as best as you can.

Today, we have flag football practice. He was so excited to sign up, and all that stuff. He was sobbing AGAIN because he didn't want to go. The past 45 minutes was f*%#ing torture to all of us. I told him you wanted to sign up and play, so you're going to do it. We do not quit, you finish out the season. 'mommy, i already know how to play!'

Are you kidding me?

I tried to explain that it's awesome to learn something new each day/practice, because that how you become great at something. I even tried to explain how the Browns (kid loves him some Browns football) have to practice so they can learn new plays and become better.

Didn't work.

I'm stuck. This is not my kid.
I don't who stole mine and replaced him with this demon child, but I want my Owen back.

Words of wisdom, anyone?



Thanks so much for visiting me on my special day when I was the featured blogger at SITS…I could hardly sleep the night before I was so excited!

Lee :)


I'll take some of that Xanax too if you don't mind sharing... sorry I don't have any advice for you... my son was sweetness and light until he turned 4 and now he's a demon... If you can't get your hands on the meds, alcohol works...

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!


So sorry to hear about the demon child. LOL. I actually gave my mom a hard time for the first month of kindergarten when I was in school. When she droopped me off the icking, screaming and crying would begin. It took 3 adults to get me into to school. So the next time demon child acts up, be glad you didn't have to deal with me as your kid going to school. A little bit of Xanax might help too. LOL


Did you already pay for all of football? If you didn't, I'd yank him out of it so fast his head would spin! You don't want to go? Good, Mommy wanted to go shopping with that football $ anyway. I like that you want him to stick with the things he said he would do, but at this age you might only teach him to hate sports rather than "take commitment seriously".

Getting him up for school has got to be tough. Don't let him push your buttons! Keep calm and don't let him push your buttons. If he's late to school, oh well. If he can't get you riled up, maybe the fun of throwing fits in the morning will get old.

You know I'm talking out my butt, right? That I only have a 3 year old and I've never been there? Yeah. :)


Oh no! That is the worst!Hopefully after a few more days, he will be fine. Until then, hang in there! I wish I had more words of wisdome but unfortunately, I am pulling my hair out over here and doubling up on my zoloft~!! LOL


Yes, we already paid for it. But get the kicker here. Once practice was over we were walking back to the car. I had asked him if he had fun.
"Mommy, I had fun! I changed my mind, I want to play."

Yup. That's my kid.


hey sits's my first visit and i like you already. first, your children are not perfect. second, you love softball. i am pretty sure there will be softball in Heaven...

as for the kiddo...i have 4 and no advice is the best. my kids are def not perfect. i am a momma of one ADHD kiddo, one ADD kiddo, a teenager and a 8 month old, yea, whatever.

kiss the kid. give him chocolate and a kiss. :)


oh we're well on our way to shelling out mucho deniro for crap Aidan says he wants to do and then turns his nose up at it. why didn't anyone tell me what a pain in the ass kids are?

by the way, you've got an award waiting for you over at Martians (

Maternal Mirth

I swear, I need some of this miracle called Xanax. I really, really do.

I hope your child is returned soon and the demon returns from whence he came.

Crazy Momma

I hear you! Demonic little monsters come in and steal our children overnight...

Thank you for visiting my blog today and sharing the SITS love! I say 15 minute showers should be the least of hubby's worries!! Deal!

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