Friday, September 12, 2008

He rocks #7

It's that time again!!

I work nights, so Carl has the boys when he gets off work. He feeds them (can't be picky about what!), bathes them, and makes sure that Owen has his homework done. If he didn't help like he does, this house/family/kids would sink faster than the Titanic! It's awesome that he's put up with me now for 7 years! 7 YEARS. Wow, that's a very long time in my book!!


Katy Lin :)

what a great guy - and how cute were you guys on your wedding day :)

Mama's Losin' It

Hang on to that one! He sounds like an awesome husband and Dad. :)


That is a husband that rocks! Give him an extra hug & kiss today. He deserves it!!


Nice story about the proposal and all. You are a cute couple. Hope you will stop by and visit us too:)
I'm an OH mom too, saw you on Blog around the world


I'm in the western suburbs of Cleveland, Lorain County, how about you?

Melissa Lester

He is definitely a keeper! And your children will be better because he didn't just delegate raising them to you. Woo-hoo for involved daddies!

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