Friday, September 5, 2008

He rocks #6

It's that time again!! This time it's just for being nice. We had my sister's 21st birthday over labor day weekend. He knew he was going to have to drive, and I was worried about that. He sometimes gets pissy about not drinking when around drunk people. He did awesome!! He was fun, and wasn't crabby at all!! Gotta love him for making it fun for everyone!!



Red Headed Mama

Awe, yay! I'm glad he was in a good mood. :)

BTW...still waiting to see more pics!


yay glad he was in a good mood. my hubs gets like that sometimes too so i feel ya!

cute picture!!


What a smart great guy! Nice catch!

Katy Lin :)

what a nice guy! :) looks like a fun party! :)

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