Thursday, September 11, 2008


I met my husband, Carl, on September 9th, 2001. I knew there was something very real there. I remember going to school on the following Tuesday. I was in my psych class, when I notice people in the observation room (all glass windows) were watching t.v. I thought they were watching a movie. I saw a plane crash into a tall building.

Class ended. There were two girls I chatted with while we waited for the next class to start. I remember being outside on a patio area, when kids just started leaving. That's when we found out about the Twin Towers.

Carl lived closer to the school than my parents house. I drove over there with my heart about to fly out of my chest. He was up watching the news. We sat there in silence, holding hands, and I cried and prayed for the families, friends, and everyone that was helping.

That day will be forever etched in my memory, and my heart.

I remember sitting on the couch, with Owen who was 2 months old, watching the one year anniversary of 9/11. I was sobbing. It was heart wrenching to see the family members, friends, and complete strangers gather together in remembrance.

Fast forward to 2003. Carl proposes to me. We decided to be married on September 11, 2004. Our dating 'anniversary' was September 9th. The 11th happen to be the Saturday closest to our date. We decided not to let some terrorists take our day away. We wanted that day to have a positive remembrance.

Carl and I are celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary today. God bless the families and friends who have lost in the tragedy. God bless our friends and families who witnessed us on our very special day four years ago.
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Pennies In My Pocket

I'm so glad that you didn't let the terrorists take your day away from you. It's so important that we fill all the future 9/11's full of good times, wonderful memories and love. :)


Red Headed Mama

Happy Anniversary!!


What a story. Happy Anniversary!

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