Friday, November 21, 2008

I love getting mail!

I had taken part in an auction where the proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer.
Lex was auctioning off her beautiful jewelry that she makes herself!! She raised $140! That's awesome!
(she also did my blog-makeover!)

This is what I 'won'! It just came in the mail today!!

*squeeee* (that's my excited squeal)

I'm honestly very grateful for Lex. She's a great woman with amazing talent!

You need to go visit her over at Indelible Creations, she's doing a great price at Christmas blog makeovers!

Thank you Lex. I really appreciate you taking your time for an awesome cause. You are a very talented woman!
(*extra thanks for the extra! they're beautiful!)



That's my excitement for you! LOL Yay. Those are some awesome pieces!

Pink Ink

How wonderful to get those in the mail. I'd be squeeing too! :-)


Beautiful jewelry!


Congrats! The jewelry is beautiful. (Found you through SITS)


Beautiful stuff. Just wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Hope it was fun and of course, delicious. :)

SITS Girls

I am glad you love getting mail... cause girl, you've got something big on the way.....

Something big and powerful.

Something I need your address to give to the good folks at.....

B I S S E L L.....

Woo-Hoo for you!


You go girl! Congrats on winning that great vacuum over at SITS.
What a great early Christmas present.
Have a good day :-)

DiPaola Momma

WOW you are SUCH the winner.. cool sparklies AND the Vaccume! congrats!


Congratulations on the Bissel vaccum!!

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