Friday, November 21, 2008

MHR #11

I have done a My Husband Rocks post in a few weeks. *bad wifey*

I'm not the most easy person to live with. *gasp* I know.

He's still here, and still trying to make me laugh.

Since we have two little gremlins (said with the utmost affection, of course), we don't get to go out together very much.

I bought us ticket to go see Jeff Dunham on Sunday Nov.30Th.

Holy crap he's freaking hysterical!

Here's a taste if you've never heard of him:

None the less, we're very excited for a REAL date night! Honestly we haven't had one in FOREVER!!

I know he's excited because this is his favorite comedian, and he gets to spend the evening with me without the gremlins underfoot!! YAY!!



ohh Im jealous! We have been watching all his shows and we watched the Christmas special last weekend. Did you see it?

Have fun!!!

Mrs. S

Jeff is a funny guy! I've only seen bits & pieces of him but I cracked up.

And have so much fun at Twilight. I hope it's as good as everyone wants it to be. :) And if you happen to have a video camera on you.... :) just kidding.


Ah a real date. How cool is that? I hope you guys have a great time!


I LOVE Jeff Dunham! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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