Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm Done. I Quit.

That's what I want to scream (while throwing anything within reach) at my a**hole bosses.

Back story:
I've been employed at a certain restaurant for almost 4 years. I've been bartending 1 1/2 of those years. I'm a good, hard worker. Teamwork, neatness, quickness, politeness, and manners are my strong qualities. I actually do above and beyond what is expected of the bartenders there. I'm not tooting my own horn, but I actually have strong work ethics. *gasp* Work ethics? What's that? If you'd work in this restaurant, you wouldn't know the meaning of that.

There are two drunks that come in that I don't deal with. The one has walked out on his bill 4 times, but is able to come back in the next day to pay and receive more drinks because 'he's a paying customer'. (paying customer, my ass. waste of space is more like it) The other is a mouthy drunk. I definitely know how to handle my own, but I don't put up with shit either.

We have another bartender who is a joke. But the managers think she's the savior of the bar. She gives out free drinks (all the time, which is TERRIBLE for our liquor count!), she hangs all over the guys (she's engaged with an 11 yr old son), and acts like she's 13. She's very immature and extremely unprofessional. But the bosses think she's the best thing since white bread.

Last Night:
So last night I go into work at 4. I went into my bosses office to ask for a raise. Now mind you, bartenders always have made more than the other employees. I explain to him the reasons that I know I deserve a raise (as stated above). He checks to see what I'm currently making, and when my last raise was.

'I see you received a raise in August of 2007'. Um, yeah, I was making less than minimum wage then, that's why I asked for one, and that was over a year ago. I'm barely making minimum wage as it is now. He'll see what he can do. Whatever.

The end of the night comes, and my front of the house manager is making conversation with our customers (our employees mostly). Someone makes a comment on how the bar used to be so busy with regulars (our one fantastic bartender got fired 3yrs ago for something stupid). My manager had the balls to say that the 'other bartender' has more clientele than he's ever seen.

I'm sorry, what? Just because she hangs ALL OVER them, free drinks all night, and provides them with illegal substances (that she does outside on her 'smoke break')makes her clientele awesome? What a joke. This is a family restaurant, not a strip club.
The manager has to unlock the back door for me to leave. This is the following conversation.

Me: Tell me, do you think I'm doing alright back behind the bar?

Him: Well, yeah.... (I felt there was something underlying with that)

Me: Well, what can I do to improve?

Him: Well it just that 'other bartender' seems to be more...

Me: Layed back?

Him: No, she's caters more to the guys.

Me: Don't you mean she hangs all over them? (I'm starting to turn red here)

Him: Well if that how she's making us more money, I guess it works.

Me: Well I don't find it necessary for me to hang all over anyone. I cater to everyone. I don't kiss ass, though. Is that bad? (sarcasm was all over that one)

Him: For your standards, no.

Me: (f@#$%ing fuming now) Alright, bye.

For my standards???!?!?! I'm sorry, I didn't realize that I needed to be a skank to work at the bar here. I'm sorry disgusted, sickened,and furious.

I'm going to find another job. That's it. I bust my butt for nothing. There's no encouragement here. I'm not asking for a cookie, just a simple 'thank you' or 'good job'. I do more than anyone ever has behind that bar.

I'm going to find another job, work out the bills, and find a school for a nursing program so I don't have to work in another restaurant after school.



What a tool. I would be so frickin' pissed. I'm actually pretty pissed for you. I hope you can find something you like better!


Awww! I love you! and yes, get out of there!

Making money as a server/bartender, yes you do need to be polite and friendly and all that, but to have your managers expect you to lower your standards and morals to make them money is absurd. You deserve better!

Red Headed Mama

I've heard Christy's is hiring. ;)


What the!? Wow. I can certainly understand why you want to quit! Hang in there!


oh wow, you are being punished because you wont act like a whore. That is just great.

You have standards and morals and that is a GOOD thing!! I hope you can find another job quickly.


I would definitely be out of there. Any boss who puts a skank above you AT A FAMILY RESTAURANT is an idiot. If he wants a bar full of loser guys that just sit at the bar nursing beers and flirting, how much more money is he going to make? People are stupid.


i would be PISSED, i am pissed off for you!

i woudl totally be finding something else - and if i hear anything i will pass it along.


I hope things turn around for you soon! :)

DysFUNctional Mom

That's ridiculous. You shouldn't have to act like a sl*t to be appreciated in your job.
Good luck getting outta there!


I agree with Brooke- the guy is a tool. If he wants you to be "better" bartender, then tell him to hire a freakin stripper. What an asshole.


You better quit your job before December 20th or I'll go in and have a conversation with that [insert whatever name you choose here] boss of yours.



No really.
Or else.

love you

Noah's Mommy

That is so ridiculus....well if they want to have hoochie-esque bartenders...then that's their deal....good for you though for actually having standards....I'm sure somewhere else will be much more appreciative of them....


No one should put up with that crap. I'm so sorry.

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