Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Me lovey this, long time!

You see this? I want this! No, scratch that, I NEED this!! (especially since I'm currently using my parents hand-me-down from 1892)

Now, you need to go here to enter for the contest. Um, but remember...I need this, and it would be a lovely Christmas present to me!! :)

I tell ya, those ladies over there at The Secrets in the Sauce are freaking awesome!!
(come join...we'll let you live, I promise)



Hmmm... I thought I needed that vacuum more than anyone but I think you beat me out in the need department. Mine may work like it's from 1982 but it's definitely newer than that! Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back again soon!


lol i hope you get it!
we bought a dyson last weekend and i don't know how we lived w/o it....

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