Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So I lived through it...

Well, I'm still alive. Barely.

I got them both to nap after Owen's football camp. I would've napped also, but I was screwing around on the computer (insert big eye roll here).

Woke them up, took them to the sitter, and I was on my way to work. So excited to go to work, can't you tell?

The sitter calls me to see if Cole has had diarrhea. He was a little runny yesterday, but not too bad. Think the gremlin's getting more teeth. Fabulous.

Anyways, Owen had told her that Cole was stinky. It was EVERYWHERE. Down his legs, up his back, in his shoes, and all over his clothes. The kid was so upset!

She called me, with Cole screaming in the background, to let me know what had happened. He didn't have any extra clothes (bad mommy, I know) so he was in his diaper.

Hearing my kid screaming in the background was not helping my day any. I told her that if he didn't calm down soon, to call and I'd come get him.

He did calm down. Thank goodness.

I didn't get home from work until 11pm. Passed out in bed, and here I am. I seem to have a bit more patience today (the gremlins are grateful, I'm sure).

We're going over to Owen's buddy's house for lunch and some play time. Then it's nap time and I WILL NOT be screwing around on the computer this time! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day in Bloggy World!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I don't think I can do it today

*I try not to complain too much, so I apologize in advance.
Ugh. Yesterday was SO rough.

Owen didn't listen to me once, talked back BAD all day, threw fits, and acted like a complete brat. (sorry Stacy about him hitting Aiden) Then Cole was just plain screaming all day. He screams to be funny, loud, mad, angry, sad, everything. He can talk, but he loves to scream. He threw fits all day yesterday too.

This morning, I'm already done. Cole has been pissy, cranky, and screaming since 6:15 this a.m. I think he's getting his 2 year molars. He's being medicated.

I need to be medicated. Seriously.

The only upside to today is Owen has a little football day camp today 10am to 1pm. And I have to hit up Sam's club with the screaming banshee.


Then I get to go into my personal hell called work.

I don't know how I'm going to make it through today.

I really don't.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh, dear husband....

Oh, dear husband,

I think I may have to hurt you. Check this out. Saturday after Owen's party we went home to nap. The boys went right down, and I was on my way (don't be giving me crap for napping, I love my naps, especially when I have to work!!).
Carl tells me that he's going down to the new tattoo place that opened up in town. Just to check prices for the pieces we would like, and to see if there was anyone he liked there.

I go to bed (with a migraine after all the fun six-year-old fun).

I get woken up (still with the migraine) by Carl.

Carl: Well, your tattoo will be about $60-$100. Mine was about $100, and didn't take too long.

Hmm. I'm still half asleep trying to process what he's telling me. He tries to sneak out the door.

Me: Um, didn't take too long? Get your ass back in here.

Carl: What? (with a shit-eating grin on his face of course)

Me: Take off your shirt.

Carl: Alright!

Me: No. Take it off.

He proceeds to take off his shirt, and I see two large bandages on both of his sides.

Me: Are you kidding me?! We were supposed to get these done together!! I can't believe you did that!!

Carl: (stuttering at this point) Well, they were able to fit me in, you and the boys were sleeping. I thought it'd be okay.

Me: Whatever.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's really not that big of a deal. Except for the fact we were supposed to go together! I'm more jealous than mad! He's got 5 and I have 1.

So I'm going to get my nose pierced and my tattoo next week. Hmmph.
He got the boys' initials.

Photobucket Photobucket

Mouthy Monster turns 6!

My mouthy monster (aka Owen) turned 6 on friday. I can't believe my baby is 6. I love him very dearly, but lately I don't like him very much. This is a very trying time at the moment. He talks back to everything, doesn't listen, and throws fits. It's like he's going through his terrible two's again. Enough complaining.

We had a birthday dinner at my mom's last sunday for Owen. He definitely got some cool toys!
His big Optimus Prime that we've been looking for, for the past two years!
He got a new bike, that we were blessed with by an old family friend!

Then we had an awesome party at Putt-N-Stuff on saturday.
my little monkey Cole trying to escape...did not succeed...we will be picking him back up tomorrow..
Owen and his buddy Dylan
Owen trying to escape also...he'll be picked up next week...
Owen, his buddy Dylan and Jack, completely beating the snot out of each broken bones or blood so we're good

All in all, they had a great time. The kid made out like a bandit of course! Now on to first grade!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm saucy!

The lovely ladies at The Secrets in the Sauce have declared me to have a 'Saucy Blog'!

That's pretty freaking awesome in my book! Guess that means I have to stop slacking and get some more good stuff going!

How about some help from my fellow SITS ladies (and gentlemen if you're stopping by!), anything anyone would like to know? I'm game for anything!

*Bring it on SITS* (heading now to put my fightin' gear on)

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Friday!

My husband has so much energy, it's hard to believe it. He's such a worker, it's awesome. I work full time (bartending/serving) at nights and he does insurance in the day. We only need a sitter 2 days a week for 2 hours. It works for us.

I don't have any energy at all. I'm home with the boys during the day and I work at night, getting home about midnight. Then it starts all over. I get the main essentials done around here, dishes, laundry, vacuuming (can't spell either), and dusting. He does whatever I don't get done! Yesterday he took a half day and came home with tiles, and stuff for the bathroom.

Our bathroom is hideous. Everything is pink. The toilet, sink, tub, carpet, and the wallpaper is pink floral. Klassy, I know.

So he pulled up the carpet last night and started putting tile down! (the adhesive kind for now)
He's so awesome at starting things. I love him for being as helpful and wonderful as he is.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dreaded Question

Another random converstation with Owen.
(driving in the car)

Owen: 'Mom. I have a serious question to ask you.'

Me: 'Um, ok.....'

:Now I'm thinking. Crap. What did we leave out? Oh, no. Is he finally going to ask why daddy was in the shower with mommy? (which by the way, was to save on water, you perverts)

Now I'm waiting for the question, cringing.

Owen: 'Do frogs have ears?'

Me: 'WHAT?' (thank you for not asking anything that I DID NOT want to explain!)

Owen: 'Do frogs have ears?'

Me: 'That's a very good question! I'm not sure. We'll ask daddy, or look for it on the computer.'

Owen: 'Okay.'

I'm now SO relieved. I did look it up and they have inner eardrums.

So, yes. Frogs do have ears. Just so you know.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dead Animal

From the mouths of babes, as they say.

(Leaving the grocery store)
Owen: (scrunching face) "Mommy! I think Cole pooped!"

Me: (rolling eyes) "Fabulous."(Looking at Cole) "You couldn't wait until we got home?!"

(Get to car, unload, and proceed to do a diaper check)

Me: "Cole...did you poop?"

Cole: "Nooooooo...."

Me: (peeking down the back of his diaper, seeing nothing) "Owen. He didn't poop."

Owen: "Well he must have had a stinky fart! It smelled like something crawled up his butt and died!"

Me: (head down, laughing, tears rolling down the face) "Owen!"

Owen starts repeating what he said.

Me: "Owen! I know mommy's laughing, but we don't say that!"

Owen: "Why? You're laughing!"

Me: "I know. It was funny at first, but we don't say things like that. It's bad manners."

Owen: "Oh, okay."

*Note to self: talk to husband about what he says around the boys. God knows what else will be said!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Husband Rocks

I'm now taking part of "My husband rocks" fridays!

I was having a very rough couple days, (complete with pity parties and everything)and this is what he responded to my craziness:

First off I love you. I think we are made for each other. We have a great family. I don't think your nuts I think you have so much to do it is very hard not to be stressed out. With having 2 kids with you at all times and working as much as you do I would feel crazy to. As for getting in shape I feel you can do it. We need to start small and go from there. You are beautiful and we need to start doing the little things alot more. We have so much going on it is hard to do that but I will try my best. We can do any thing together if we try. I cant wait to see what we do in the next 50 years. If you haven't killed me first. So I think we just need to start something together no mater what it is, lets just do it. I think we can take some of this money and go to the beach with are friends we need a VACATION, so lets make it work. I love you very much. Oh, by the way I didn't chose you, it was meant to be.

This is why I love him. He keeps me sane. He's such a wonderful man, husband, and father.


Picture this. Your youngest is caged in the playpen and the older is being entertained by the babysitter (pick a movie of your choice...I know we're bad parents).

You need a shower.

Your husband needs a shower.

What are you to do?

If you were to each have a separate shower, you'd just be wasting so much more water than if you combine the shower time......get where I'm going with this?

Honestly, it was an attempt to save water. (girl scouts promise)

Now, here's some entertaining dialogue:

Owen: (slams into the bathroom) "Daddy!!! Where are you??" (he freezes)

Carl: (looks at me) "I'm in the shower.."

Owen: (drawn out) "Where's moooommmmy?"

Me: (trying not to laugh) "I'm in the shower..."

Owen: (for some reason, in utter shock) "You're both in the SHOWER?!?!"

Carl: (about to fall over laughing) "We're trying to save on water, Owen."

Owen: (exits with a slam of the door)

Carl and I: (laughing our asses of!!) "Did that really happen?!"

He's FIVE (about to be six)!! Why would that be weird to him?! He doesn't know anything about that stuff!!

We are locking all doors from now on. Especially during 'mommy-daddy' time!

I know I'm not the only one with these kind of stories! Make me feel better and let me know yours!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's alive and well!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my husband is alive and well.

I, on the other hand, barely made it through!

We got up there early, my friend Trisha rode with me. My sister, her love muffin, and a bunch of Carl's friends met us up there. Thank God I had all them there, because I would have passed out, thrown up, and lost it. Probably all at the same time, if that's at all possible.

We thought he was going to be the #10 fight out of 12. NOPE! He was #2! Which actually was better for me, so we didn't delay my heart attack.

After the first fight, I was in tears. I didn't want him to get hit like that guy did!! He got his ass whooped! And of course I had someone make a stupid comment to me.

"Aren't you afraid he's going to break something, or get really hurt?"
(this coming from a girl I met a whole 20 minutes ago)

"No, bitch. Didn't think that was going to happen at all. Aren't they going in to play 'ring around the rosie'?" Now, I really didn't say that. But it did put me into another set of tears! Stupid we not stop and think before we talk? Didn't think so...

To continue on, it was amazing to see him walk out like he did! (yes, it was a turn on)

He didn't get any face shots, (thank you Jesus, I will be nice now.) he did get a few knees to the ribs and a leg kick. He took down the dude in the second round!!

HE WON!!! It was so awesome to see him accomplish this! He honestly is really good at what he does, and he's only going to get better!

I didn't throw up or pass out. Which was very surprising! I did cry a few times.

Now he's thinking about another fight at the end of august. Fabulous. Atleast my heart has time to heal!

This is my hot husband and I after the fight. You can see the relief on my face!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Woops. I'll stop with the all caps. Alright. Let me explain.

My dear and loving husband has been training for his first MMA (mixed martial arts, cage fighting) fight for about 4 months now. His fight is TONIGHT. *TONIGHT* Yup. I'm freaking.

He loves it. He found something that he has a passion for (other than me and the gremlins, of course). His instructor has the utmost confidence in him. Carl knows he's ready.

UM. HELLO?!?! Anyone ask me if I was ready? Well, I'm NOT!! I believe in him, but ugh. I don't know how I'm going to handle it!! I can handle seeing other people fight, but my husband?!?!

I'll say it again, GIVE ME ALCOHOL. Mom's going to have the boys, and my friend Trisha is going up with me. I'm SO having some shots right when I get up there! (it's by Quaker Steak & Lube- I guess they have a outside arena)

Oh, and top off my beautiful Friday, the boys had their yearly checkups today. You know what that means. SHOTS!!! Woo-hoo! Bring on the freeze pops!

*sorry, got excited when I wrote the word 'shots'. Not *those* kinds of shots. OK, let's continue.

Owen went first. Scheduled to get 2. Ha. We had to bring in another nurse to hold him down. You would've thought that they were stabbing him repeatedly with a dull knife. Beyond embarrassing. Completely mortifying experience.

Cole got his finger pricked for iron, and a shot. I handled him while the nurse took Owen out to get suckers.

If you ever need a form of birth control, come with me to the pediatrician. Holy Hell.

Dear Lord,
Please grant me patience with my children, and lots of alcohol for tonight.
Oh, and don't let my husband get too much of the shit beat out him.
Thank you,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Gremlin has turned 2!

Yes, folks I said it. *2* As in two years old and the terrible two's. The year that the devil himself comes forth and bestowes his evil ways upon such a cute little child.

Yes, I believe that my child has now become the spawn of satan himself. Sad, but true. You may see such a cute little blonde with blue eyes, but come into our home. Please. I'm inviting you to witness all that is un-holy.

The terrible banshee cries over ever.single.toy. Heaven forbid that his brother plays with something he was *thinking* about playing with. He will unleash his horrid raid for all toys.

'Try to reason with him', you say?

Ha. I laugh at that.

'Remove him from the situation', you say?

You truely make me giggle.

Time-outs? Taking toys away? Spanking *gasp*?

Yes, for I have tried them all. I pray for an exorcism very soon to have my little man back. Until then, I will have to bathe him in holy water and tie him to the crib (i really hope you know i'm joking. if not, good luck).

Here's some Gremlin birthday photos for you to enjoy and comment on how I must be crazy to call him 'spawn of satan'.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Check this out!

This site is awesome!! DEFINTELY would love to have some extra $ to my bad addiction, Target!!

Fourth of July

Well, we definitely had a 'booming' fourth of july. We really didn't go out on friday (lovely freaking work), but we went down to New Philadelphia on Saturday. Why does it always seem that we when have family functions, my DH turns into Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hyde?! Must be his time of the month (yes, I'm a firm believer that men have PMS too).

N-e-hugh. We ended up going to mom's for dinner then drove down. We don't do the all-day events without naps. It could turn into a brutal massacre without naps. We got to ride the merry-go-round and the little airplanes. The boys had so much fun!

Then the fire works. They are freaking amazing! We had 35 long minutes of ooo's and ahh's. This was the first year Owen didn't need his trusty earmuffs (thank goodness). Cole did awesome. I really believe that he was so tired, he really didn't give a crap (as long as his ears were covered). At the end everyone was nice and exhausted and ready for bed (sooo including me!).

We didn't get home until midnight, so I was thinking 'awesome! they'll sleep in!'. Oh, buddy, was I wrong. Owen woke up at seven on the nose. Seriously? Seriously. Owen was whiney, and Cole was his normal wild self.
I hope that everyone had a happy and safe fourth of July!
Now some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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